selling modern handwritten journals.

 I am selling handwritten journals. with plans on providing a purchasing service at some point in the future.

if you would like a hand written 100% original journal. then i ask that you make a comment with your info or contact me here

part of the proceeds are to be donated to charities and other charitable endeavors.

in future there would be donation proof as i continue with this website. the website is to lead you here to this main  post. and then in the near future. i will make a support/donate page to be able to do what i am trying to do here.

for the time being have fun with this dogecoin faucet. i know what to do with them and it would really help the cause.

faucet for dogecoins: here

i will be writing an article later about why dogecoins are awesome.

also you should check out coinpot. : here

thank you for your time.


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