here be the words found again.

then when I have gone crazy, I would be able to be here and still exist in some way. but who being they who knows really?! As far as I am able to say that I can tell that is. there are going to be many ideas here. If you want to call it that then. If i do this correctly. Not many people would be able to hear them. how would i be able to hear them if i were hard of hearing. that is why i like to read a lot. that is why i write so much. sometimes. sometimes I just do not trust my ears. There are going to be many different words here. And I plan on repeating a bunch of them. within reason though. and then I do this all to see what is in my brain.

I just really like to write and type. I type then write, then I write then I type. about anything really. so I shall say everything .

but that is part of the delusion that i live in.

that is part of the reason that i am here. and then that there are going to be more than a few different things that i would be able to do. here there anywhere.

there are going to be more than that though and that is what i am saying. that i would work on this constantly. wondering what it was that i was making. thinking.

when ! when would it end. as i was to be here until all eternity comes crashing down the walls of smashed reality. what else would i be able to do here and well. any other place that i could possibly be.

there are just some things that should not be asked. and yet why am i the one to know what it is! what it is to know! to know what i shouldnt. but still. why do i do this.

== == ==

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