the wordsw that i write they help me think. and it helps when i am here writing. and then i want to go back to the groove before, but it has been something diferent for quite some time. the words that i ahev here are the ways taht i am able to be here. and there are the ways that i am. the ways that i m here and there. and then there rare ways that i have been able to catch these words. as i like to see it this way if anything. and then i  shall just keep writing. and then i will keep writing.

then i am able to say i have the most biggest waste of time ever. as that is how i feel at the moment. then i was here. and there and then i was where ever it is that the mind thakes me. the wakes of the waldden are not here for the sime. the time since the world was swazzed.

the words that i write are here weather i want them to are not. and then tere are reasons two for what my grammar is. i like to help the others learn language. and stuff like that. and that is what i hope to be doing and there are the ways that i am able to be here and then there then there are thewasy tathat i was abl eto write and there are the was the was that iwas here and there and then here i am. what is it that i think andthe mistakes of my past are no more. and then there are different ways geven then.


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