endurance writing competition.

this is where i will display the results of various writing contests that i would have created or arranged somehow in the world wide web. they are all online contests. and they only require basic internet connectivity.

the most you would have to do is sign up for an account. and then you can start to compete.

the idea is that you would make your own blog. and then you would post a comment here. and then i will arrange to display the # of words/ time limit.

the minimum time limit is roughly 5 minutes. i suggest for quick battles. that the user use 8 minute increments. there is no limit to the cap of minutes. but there needs to be some thought in thinking about committing before beginning a contest for longer than an hour.

the basis for this contest is the endurance aspect of those type sports and athletes.


but it would be like the coolest mind sport. and i have ways that you can get paid to type. only a small amount. but for just pushing buttons its way better than solving captchas. and you can even just have a number battle as well. but yeah. im gonna blog about this on its own website. and ill put a link here as well to that.


ill send a link here to help explain how the payment / reward system would work.

im building as i go, as best i can.


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