Morning at the Farm — art prescription

Under big barn roof Sheep get sheered, layers of wool For warm hats and socks. Art Prescription: What a process! It takes an expert to sheer a sheep without nicking his skin. Long layers of wool are sheered intentionally so the fiber can be woven. The wool, fresh off farm, has to be washed and […]

via Morning at the Farm — art prescription


there are so many things that i am trying to do. i am sorry for this. but it is simply what must be done. and there are so many things that m ust be done. and i am not sure how else to get peoples attention. but i have a lot of ideas. and this is part of the system, a system i am hoping to share with others.

the others as i plan to explain. they do not always fit well in my mind. and it takes some time for everthing to get said. and yet still sometimes there are things that just can not be said. simply not enough time. and here we go. what else.

i think i figured out an active form of blogging, or just simply discovered a great attitude to think of when blogging and writing.

so what i wanted to do with this post is to have it be part of this… mixing barrel. that i am planing on adding to and creating stuff for many years.

what i am doing is simply sharing. sharing here becuase i can. you never know who is going to listen or who is going to read. and then there are those very few individuals that would see this. and then i have something else to say. that they would not know about this becasue of what i say here. as far as i know. i do not know what else i should be doing. its hard to explain. and i have tried many different ways. but ill keep on looking.

thank you for your time.


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