that is atleast hte idea thought.

there are many different ways that i could not finsihg this but then i would hope other peopke would be able to help in the works that i am doing. and i am thinking here and there what i am doing here and there. adn then i wouldn wonder what kind of content that there would be created. it woudl be a badass way to get a shit ton of random redirected trafic to the unique configurations of the keywords palnted into these blog posts.

my original goal was 80 million words. but now i want 80 million pages. and that is just like the posts here. and that is part of what i am attemtpting to do.

when i get around to it. i am going to create support pages. as well as if you want to contribute content to a special “80 million reactions” type of website. i would like to do something liket his. and i am sorry for the horrid spelli9ng. i might need help with the editing. but i can hire anyone right now.

i do have ways that we can create enough monetary funds in order for a payment to be sent out. but it would require time and consistency. and that is rare int hese parts. but it only has to be it only has to done every now and then. or as often as you are willing to put the effort into it.


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