the words that i am here

there are the wordsw and code phreases that allow for the finding of differetn words in an assortment of  configureartions as far as i know that is. and then perhaps one day ille dit all of this and make it like it should be. and then i will jsut do as i do now. but later. and hopefully things would get better. how can things get better?

the ideas here are the words that i am sharing. and there are reasons for that. sharing is caring.

this is all a part of an information science experiment that i am currently perfoming centering on the interactions of blog information into the world web as it is. at such a large volume. in one term at least.

there are the words the three words that make up the url of the webssite. i see that as one item. and then that one i tem would have 80miliion pages.



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