them words

The words that I wanted to right here and the thiking tht I do. And the light tof the seo and the words that it brigns to my mind. There are nothing tlike it. The things tht I am doing. And the words that manlge. There is nothing else like this as far as I know. And there would be not anything that I could do about it. This is just what my brain told me to say.

There are the tinges. The things that I am here. And I wonder what kind of thigns there are that I am thinking of the special code in the the wonder of the might of the like. The thoughts that connect somehow together here, they make sense to me. Yet what I am trying to do I guess Is impress someone with the logical explifications of what it is that I am attempting to say.

This is simply how I talk. And I think that I would help with the thinking of someone else as I am able to think of such things. And if you can think it. Then I t might be on the internet. That I part of what I believe that is.

The wordss theere are the things that I am looking for the thoughts of the random wonderment of discover of causul mistake.

That ti could do this. The words of what I am making and those in the hurry may the slow.

These could be my prays. But that is just what my brain told me to say. This is my art project if anything. Thank you for your time.


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