this is just what i do

it is fun for me that is why i do it. and i thnkn that i am sharing more here than i would be there and i wonder what someone else would be insipired from the work that i do here. and the words is all i am really after. i do not mind if they are misspelled. i am attempting to write 80,000,000 of them.. for one reason or another. and then i will put them in a bunch of print on demand books. and then i will do it again and agian. and then i will as i work. dontate one fourth of what i make to the charites i am aware of and that i am in local charities.

the things that i am doing here. despite being literary hogwash.

they are what i think is art sometimes in the words that are filled int he books that i have on my shelves.

the shelves that i write. and the shelves that i wont to fill.



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