writing contest rules.

there is a kind of writing contest i would like to try with a few people. it is a simple word game.

just write what comes to mind. whatever it is. they just have to be English words. they don’t even have to be spelled correctly. but not till the point of gibberish.

that’s it. that is what i want to do for a bit. at least.

the main “competition” is that you can agree for lets say an hour or what ever. that you write as many words on a blog post as possible. any words you can think of. and the one with the most words wins. but they have to be used in a sentence, actually typed. like you were thinking or talking to someone. some repeating is ok. but not the same thing more than three times per line of the document.


i even have a way that you can earn money from doing this with people.

and it can be done pretty much anywhere. with also having access to the internet and basic input types of writing. like if you have a keyboard, a screen, and the internet. you have all that you would need.

atleast that is part of what i am trying to do. i am looking for people to test it out with.



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