the words that i needed to write.

these are the words that i needed to write and that is  how i feel in teh ways of the world that i write. and the wrold the the world and the world that i write and the time that i have spent. i am not sure wht it is that i am doing sometimes. all i know is that i need to write what i tihnk and put it some form on the internet. and i thought that the best thing i could do was make random bits of code. i would use them in a game.


i would pay you in currency, lets just bitbytes. they would be the games currency. and all you had to do would be to type words onto a blog post or some other shareable digital form. it has to be letters numbers or symbols and that is pretty much it. i even woudl pay for the spaces. i just need to have the as many characters as possible. i need them for a project that i am developing out of this wordpress profile. and then i am going ot share a log of what i do. what works and what does not. and i hope that it all goes well.


thank you for your time.



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