blogger/website builder for hire.

i am a blogger looking for work. i write a lot of different forms of content.


my only condition is that i choose which words go onto the website, but you get to choose the “theme” and as many keywords as you would want to be covered. i would use the key words to help structure the original content i would write for you. ( plagiarism free, it just might not make grammatical sense.)


i also do ghostwriting of  ebooks. as well as editing and formatting the ebook manuscript for print on demand paperback services. same conditions for writing of blog content.

i am looking to help serve the passive income communites. as i write for the long term organic traffic growth through my seo methods.

i am able to do one time deals as well as a weekly, monthly, or yearly, subscription packages.

i accept pretty much all forms of currency or trades of value. (it has to be valuable to you)

and i see pretty much anything as valuable.

you may contact me through this email:


remember to book mark and share on social medias to help spread the word of whatever you are looking to have on the internet.

thank you for your time.




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