the words i need. i think i need.

this is what i do to unwind sometimes. just to write words. i been working on this thing called gibber, but i do not want to get into that now. i guess what i am doing is attempting to get myself to write a crappy ebook. but i actually am looking forward to such as that. i am glad that i am even able to sit here and do this. and i am glad that i am here.

that is something i am always reminding myself of. and that is part of why i write like this. i like to do what is called discovery writing. i write what i find out later to be surprising. but its nice for me. but i started to wonder, what if someone else needed these words. without getting all crazy sounding. i think that these words are here for a reason. and that it is simply an expression of my written art to create them like this.


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