then here i go.

the wind would be ashamed of how fast my fingers move about the keyboard. the words they just come to my mind like nothing else. than i would ever be able to hope. and that i would be able to be here. in this. doing this. i listen to music when i type. and i realized that i read to discover. thats why i read. and that is you should read. here and there. were ever you go. you could be thinking, which is like reading your own brain. sometimes i am here and there not really joking. but here i am. as joe king. the www of the web wide world. the world of words. the words of these lives that i work with and wonder just why is it that i feel this way now. these cyber worlds that i play in. why do i bother. they just would not understand. and yet here i am still making content thinking that something else would be different. you know how many electrons i done fucked up with just to write this.

not sorry.


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