there are some things that i have learned and have been able to deal with becusae of this sorts of information. and there are reasons why there are the words that i  have here and the words that i wanted to give to other people for money. i wanted to send the websites info to them, talk about emailing money. things are like that these days.  from what it is that i think i know.

there are the lines that i put here. but they are here to help others find these sorts of websites. these words. the words that i have here. and the lines that i need to find by writeing these lines and letters as they are. that is how i feel about my blogging if anthing. i wonder if i would be able to really see success from these efforts. i sure hope that i do. for i do not know what else to do but to make ebooks. at least i am able to make ebooks with the content that i write. but really it all depends on the future situations of the internet.

also, there are some things that i learned today. like how i need a business license or sellers permit in order to blog. that is really important if fines are a big deal to you.


how i see it. uncle same needs money as well. my well fare depends on it!



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