i am what i am.

that is what i am. i do not care as i wanted to do what i did. and now i dont. so that shit be awesome. yeall dont even know. how i be in the words. these words just come to me. and the words just keep flowing. some times i am able to do what i wanted. to do. and htat i could type as much as i could. the words there are the times. that i am what iwanted to be. there are the spaces. and the spaces are what it is that i am going to do. and the doing of this. the written spaces. and they are made by my choices.


the choices are thatt he likes what that thought. and that woudl be so nice. as she was there.a nd so was he. and then the re are the wourlds. that iw ould be here. and there was the times that i meant to have this. the worlds that i make. the lines that i craft. i can do this. becuase i am able to. because i know. how.


or some crap like that. taht is just what i am doing here. and the life of these wrods. they are not up to me. they are as they are i will keep working until i wither away.

the lines here. are the feelings i feel at times. but never the same as before. as that would be in the lanes of oddity.  the oddity of the wider web. that longer fringed paths of highway. taht just seem to be put there and forgotten. and yet the lines ont he road are still new. so who knows how long it has been. around that is.


there are these wrods that come to my mind and for that i am thank ful.


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