same words different stories.

The part of me that goes. The part of my life that grows with each word. There are only so many chances for this to work and I am hoping that this is not only the best, not even close. As far as I know. There is nothing else but the dream and work that I would be able to complete. As that is all that matters in the is moment. The working and pushing of these buttons. As I know not what else to do, but what I do best.

There are some worries that I have here. And there are somethings that I am worried about. But not too much, not what I wanted. And yet here I am doing exactly that. What is it. Not that it is gibber, but that it is part of its own world. My world. The indie worlds of swazdankus weirdlands.

But that is just a place in my mind. There are only there are ways that I can like, so genius.

Yet this gibberish. This was what I was doing for what I wanted was something else.

But this. I swear, that this works. And it is not for lost at all. There are no losing teams here. And it all just takes a bit of time, but that you would get there. That is what I sell. Gold dust of the dreams where we are all able to be here. And it is a happy place. But still the worlds not as same as it is here, every where.

How else would I be here, if it were not for these words and writing. Not only my writing. But all of our writing. It means a great amount. That there are the writers who wrote, and they who continue to write even to this day. It means so much to those if you just take the time to listen. And that is part of what I hope to be able to do.

The words there are only so many of them. And I hope that such can continue in a friendly manner.

As if the best blogs for poetry. no. I want to have the best blogs for writing.

As if that could happen. But who knows. What is in store might change a lot of different things. As far as I know. There can only be so many words. I wonder if my theories are true. But yet I have been able to explain them well.


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