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6:43 PM 8/18/2019

as far as i know, there are many different ways that today could go about its many faces.

what would i do here,when i could be somewhere else, thinking? what else would i do, when i feel as if i know not what i could do.

not knowing what to do, is a problem i face every now and then. there are some ways i get over it. i just have to do something, sometimes its good to take a nap.

without know what is in store, i just go about my usual pressing of the buttons. and when i was able, perhaps a story would form. but that is just the hope at least.

there are many different ways that we could all be where we need to be, but where would that be? how would we get there, there are many questions that i am thinking of but yet, where are the answers?

would i even need an answer to the question, if the question was what i wanted in the first place. there are many different places though, so who knows?

there are the pages here, and that i am sure of.

When I could there would be many different words, these words, I would call my collection. That is part of what I do every day. I add to the collection of words that I am building. I have many different ways to collect words.

When I could, I would be able to think of the different ways that would allow me to continue on in this conversation. But until then, I feel I would have to talk to something else.

Is there really what seems to be that which I see?

Perhaps. But what of the life that I had before?

Well that was back then and this is now.

Ok then.

Sometimes, when I am able, I can talk like I am speaking In my mind. I am not sure if anyone really hears though.

Other times I can simply think in peace. Just wondering about, one thought to the next, sometimes it feels as if I could think of anything. Other times, I feel I think about the same things over again as if on repeat.

There are many different ways to say the same thing, but would you be able to know which was what?

The ideas here are many but what is it that they mean? I plan on finding out, one way or another, but what of this is what I am really doing? What is it that I am doing? How would I ever be able to do this.

But then, why would I not be able to do this in the first place?


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