what words do i need.

the need of the words that i am here. and there and then i am there. and where else woudl i be here and there if i could and what else would i want. therre are only so many different things tht i would be bale to do . and then there are even more and more and more. why is it that my brain does this. this that i do. what is this that i do.

there are sometimes things that i wanted to write about. and this is what it is that i am going to write about.

this is what i should write at least.

there are many different things that i am able to do. with these skills i wonder what the limits would be. as if i could ever hope to know. as far as i know that i am doing as what i am supposed to do. here and what i am supposed to do.

how else would i be able to think this that i am doing. here there and everywhere.

the words that i am writing here and there i wonder what i would do here.