here is a reasont o type on the computer.

now this is pretty out there. but here is something that i am looking into over time. and here are the thoughts that i think of sometimes about this topic.


the idea as far as i know now. is this.

the electrons right. are coulpled by quantum coupling right? or string dynamics. or what ever. and the there are the waverforms of the electrons. or something like that. and what i know of as this is sort of explained as followed.


there are the “spooky action at a distence” phenonmenon right?

so that means that in digital techonology since it is run off of elctricity, is powered by electrons.

the ideas that i have next is weirds.

so there is a set configuration of electrons that would allow for the reacreation of these words here.

that means that you and me and everyone else with access to the internet.

that means that we can see the “samish-simmilar-but-different” things as i do now. but at any other point in the future. if all things go well adn nothing horrid happens. then that owuld mean that i am  doing somthing like this.

that would mean that in this current blog post somewhere out ther in the universe right.

that there are the electrons coupled with the electrons in my computer.

so when i type and create these sentences. that means that i am making a more and more unique configureataiotn of the electrons that represent these words. these symbols. i am making it more and more idfferent than anything else.

i think that is cool.


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